We’re Back!

Jan 20, 2017

Hi Everybody – After a fun break, we are back making clocks.  To celebrate, we are offering a 20% discount using a coupon on the checkout page for all products.

Also, this year, we will be trying something slightly different to allow us to create a better work/life balance.  Our plan is to pre-make a specific number of clocks in a given month, and let those be sold.  We will laser cut faces to demand, allowing color and font choice.  This means that delivery will be significantly faster, as you won’t have to wait for us to make your clock – it will be on the shelf, but also there will only be a finite number of clocks available until the next manufacturing day.

If anybody has any alternate ideas on how to achiev better balance, then feel free to email us at

Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

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