a 130cm x 130cm (50″ x 50″) clock

Feb 22, 2012

Ok – I can finally talk about it.  Last year, I was approached by an architectural firm in Brisbane to make a massive clock for them.  They supplied an amazing concept drawing and asked me if it was possible.

Concept drawing for the Brisbane clock

After a bit of a chat dividing the workload between us and figuring out how we can make it a reality, we decided that they would engage a signwriter to laser cut a sheet of wood for the stencil, and mount baffles behind it and do all of the mechanical work, and I would provide the electronics package to make it light up for them.

It took a couple of months of designing, but I built a high current driver that can be used for making clocks that are up to 60 inches across, using double strips of illuminating LEDs across each word – nice and bright!

It has been installed, and is beautiful – A wall that is a clock!.  The architect is busy getting commercial photos made which I will share when I get them.  In the meantime, this is the clock itself (Turned off)

A clock built into a wall! – each letter is 7cm tall


Smiles a quite – happy – smile!

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  1. Eeryweerywoe Says: February 23, 2012 2:25 am

    I absolutely love your clocks, currently saving for one.
    Would love one of these larger style walk clocks, really impressive work!


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