30cm Block WordClock


This is our new block shaped WordClock. It is a medium sized clock that people immediately see, and say “Wow!”.

This clock was designed from day 1 to be wall mounted, with the power being located on the rear, and the wall mount allowing the clock to be a bold shape mounted on the wall.

Our clocks are hand made here in Australia, and we regularly ship all over the world! We use International power supplies, allowing you to simply plug the clock in and use it immediately.

Mirror 30 Clock Options

  • What color would you like?
  • I can add an additional power socket at the rear of the clock to facilitate clean wall mounting when mounted with a recessed power point or cabling routed through the wall. Normally, the clock has the power connector at the bottom.
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15% discount for three or more clocks.

Product Description

Our 30cm Block WordClock is a new product that is an acrylic faced square – I was inspired by the monolith in ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’ when I designed it.

The clock is designed to mount on a wall, or sit on a table top.

All of our hand made clocks are provided with an International power supply, allowing you to simply plug the clock in and use it immediately.

We also ship all over the world.

Additional Information


Black Mirror

Face Styles

Standard, Lower Case


12V DC 300 ma – 110-240V International Power supply provided. (interchangeable Plugs)


Approx 30cm x 30cm x 5cm (12″ x 12″ x 2″)


Approx 2kg

Wall Mount

Possible – Requires instalation of recessed power point

Desk Mount



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