Creative DeskClock Kit


Level of difficulty: 3/10

Time required: 1 hours

This Creative DeskClock kit includes the Face, Acrylic enclosure components, 98% pre-assembled controller and power supply as one set, providing everything you need to make your own distinctive DeskClock.

  • What color would you like your clock to be? Our clock faces are made from 4 layers - An internal word support, a diffuser, a colored stencil, and finally an acrylic cover sheet.
  • The font style for the clock face - Uppercase clocks are very 'formal', while lower case clocks are 'soft and warm'
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15% discount for three or more kits.

Product Description

In response to some wonderful requests, we have decided to make a kit version of our popular Creative Style DeskClock available.

Doug’s initial reluctance in providing a DeskClock kit was that he didn’t want to give people a negative experience in making a complex surface mount kit.  He felt that most people would not have a proper soldering oven, nor the correct solder pastes to ensure that their kit was a success.   So, we got together and thought about how to solve it.  in the meantime, Doug came home with a little car kit from Jaycar, and the solution was staring him in the face – The Jaycar kit came with all of the surface mount components pre-installed, and simply required a tiny amount of soldering to complete.  Eureka!

Included in the kit is a Clock Face, a 98% pre-assembled Controller Board, the acrylic enclosure components and power supply.  All you need to do is to glue the enclosure together, solder 6 through-hole components, and assemble.

In all, this is actually our simplest kit.  Assembly requires a soldering iron, and Acrylic Glue, and about an hour of effort.

Level of difficulty: 3/10

Time required: 1 hours (including adhesive curing)

We are available at any time via email to assist you if you have problems.

Assembly requires some Acrylic glue, and of course there is soldering required.


Waranty:  Because the clock is not made by us, warrants the components but we can not warrant the workmanship of the final product.  Most kits are completed without problems, but we are very happy to repair any clock kits you have made that have not worked, assuming that you ship the product to us and you are able to pay for return shipping.


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